Sunday, 5 January 2014

Launching actions through NFC tags

So, I have a new phone! Galaxy note 3, and I love it has so many great features, pretty much all of them make sense, IR blaster is great, remote control the tv, camera, sky box etc. However the one bit I didnt quite click with straight away being NFC, up until now I have found limited use for it. Until I discovered NFC Stickers! Couple of quid on ebay, link at the bottom of the post enable NFC on your phone. Then you need an app to trigger the action you want. I think I have tried every single app available to get it to do what I wanted, which initially is quite simple Tag 1 - On my desk in my flat when I am working in London, sets the phone to vibrate, and enables the wifi hotspot automatically so my laptop can connect. Tag 2 - Centre console of the car where the phone goes when driving, set up to switch to drive mode(reads texts), volume to high, and switch bluetooth on for my car kit. The App: The tags I bought, although there are loads out there: Simple to use set up the actions you want, based on the initial trigger mechanism, then write those actions to a tag, and you done. I will do a youtube vid showing it in action soon! I welcome suggestions on where and what to use more of these for.


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