Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Waterproof iPhone 5!!!!!!!!

I understand there has been a bit of a commotion recently with some confusion around the internet as to whether ios7 really made your phone waterproof.  If anyone tried this, more fool you and you deserve a broken phone.

I however went on a quest for rugged case for my iPhone 5, which is my daily, one size fits all handset compared to my galaxy note.  The reason for the quest was an upcoming holiday to turkey, and I struggle not having the phone on me despite no internet or mobile reception due to the extortionate roaming costs, I can still use it to snap the odd pic, listen to some music etc.  Now my search was not particularly for rugged, as I didn't intend on dropping or bashing the phone but the rugged ones come with some unique features that suit beaches, poolsides etc.

So a search through normal retail outlets didn't come to much, and at a higher price that I wanted to pay for 2 weeks.  So off to the trusty ebay, and the far eastern sellers I get so much from at present, now there are a number of options here, and I settled for the one below, badged as lifeproof, it seemed to fit the bill, and was reasonable money between £5-7 dependant on seller.

Then the long wait from china.........

And it's here, retail packaging was nice, in additon to the case there is a cleaning cloth, headphone jack adaptor which is a nice touch, it screws into the case sealing it, but with a short extension and another 3.5mm jack on the end meaning headphones can be used whilst the phone remains sealed.  Also attached to the headphone adaptor is a spare headphone port plug.

The case itself is plastic, rubberised on the front section, comes in 2 sections, with a rubber seal in one half, phone slots into the front part after removing the headphone plug, silent switch on the side needs a bit of lining up, then it's a case of pushing the 2 sections together and screwing the headphone jack plug back in!

The advert stated it was completely dust and waterproof, now it's a cheap Chinese case protecting a fairly expensive phone, so I was a little cautious, so initially I put the case together minus phone, filled the sink with water, submerged the case, putting a weight on top to ensure it stayed down, and then I went to town shopping, probably for approx 3 hours.  Upon retrieval from the depths of my sink, I opened the case, and I am pleased to say not a drop had made it's was in.

It was a few days of using the phone in the case before I ventured into a phone hostile environment, the shower.  And I am pleased to say it has survived, and is in deed completely waterproof, although the capacitive screen doesn't really register when completely wet or submerged so your not going to type a text at the bottom of the swimming pool.

The screen sometimes needs a bit more of a press due to the extra layer over the screen, but you get used to it, overall this is a good buy, especially for the piece of mind it gives.


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