Tuesday, 21 June 2011

*Useful Gadget No.1*

From time to time I will try and post about gadgets etc that I have picked up along the way and what I think of them.

My first in this series is the freeloader solar charger.

I picked this up at the Bristol BestBuy opening weekend, it was a special opening offer deal half price at £15, I don't think I would have paid the full £30 though.

Anyway, it basically consists of a load of adaptors including a basic usb(female) and the main body itself which splits into 3 parts, the 2 solar panels separate and clip into either side of the main battery (1500ma) body to charge and clip together and then into battery unit for transporting.

All in all the unit itself seems pretty well made and its a clever design, my only criticism would be that the aluminium body scratches very easily.

I have had this for a few months now, and have got myself into the routine of chucking it onto the dash of the car (solar panels out) whenever I park up, this trickle charges the internal battery enough to keep my phone topped up during days when usage has been heavy. Its also possible to charge the freeloader from usb from a pc or wall adaptor to ensure the battery is full, or if time is an issue.

Overall for the £15 I paid for it, this has been worth the money, I have fallen back and used it a number of times to boost the battery in my handsets, and has been particularly useful recently as I have been away a bit and hotels never have enough plug sockets in the rooms!

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