Tuesday, 12 April 2011

DIY Cheap Plinth/Kickboard Lighting

At the hardware store again yesterday to buy some rubble bags, stumbled across the first of a few offers.

Set of IP44 LED deckboard lights for £15, thanks I will take 2!

It happens that I was looking for some plinth/kickboard lighting to put in the new kitchen I have just fitted, and these will do nicely at a fraction of the cost.

2nd offer was some flooring that I needed for the kitchen and hallway, I will skip the boring bit about fitting flooring but that was chucked in yesterday with the interesting bit left for today.

Run the wiring under the flooring in the hallway, in preparation for flush fitting into the hallway.

Then cut the plinth to fit, marked out the holes for the lights, reach for the power drill!!!

Some of the wiring had to be extended to reach under the units and appliances so its all hidden from view.

Then plugged it in for a test!

Now here is the part that excites me, all the wiring is hidden including the plug and transformer and I don't want to have them on all the time. So currently these are plugged into one of the spare homeeasy RF plugs, and my HE100 remote set to switch them on and off at a pre-determined time.

However this is still not tricky enough, so I will change the homeeasy unit for a X10 reciever, controlled by the server using the X10 CM12 transmitter, running from Homeseer as this gives me not only timer functionality, but will also use its internet connection to track daylight and dusk hours, an iphone app, and can be controlled remotely through most of the devices in the household.

Now for the final piece of the puzzle, motion activated lighting! PIR sensors mounted in the hall and kitchen, trigger the homeseer event to fire the lighting in the respective rooms!

Some shots later on just for the sake of it!


  1. I will one day do this when I own a house, thank you.

  2. Great price for IP44 LEDs with mounts! Cool idea too!

  3. I'm not a big fan of blue LEDs (I think amber would be a better fit), but the idea of LED accent lighting is a good one, and the implementation is great.

  4. How are they at night? They look a bit intense for me. I'm actual just put in tile and doing the baseboards soon. Might be something cool to add.

  5. They are pretty bright at night, they give the whole kitchen a glow, enough to grab stuff of the worktop etc without turning the light on, I think it depends on the size of your kitchen, mine is quite small and the units are all white.

    Mine are spaced 160mm apart, I think widening the spacing would reduce the intensitiy

  6. I like the lights in the kitchen. It looks so awesome.

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  7. They do look very cool, just enough light. I was toying with idea of using battery operated LED's as I found a set of 10 for £2, now that's what I call a bargain.

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  9. Great blog, great ideas - i'm doing a self build and researching automation lightwood.blogspot

  10. Great work there mate. I just finished putting led lights in my deck using the info from DIYdecklights.com I'm now going to do my outdoor kitchen. Thanks for the idea.

  11. Yes great article..Thanks for sharing information..

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  12. wow! great concept. thanks for sharing.

  13. I've just done this, but have them chopped into handrail up the stairs . Great subdued evening lighting.